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Back to School

Wow! It’s really nearly here, back to school. In Leicestershire the schools will return in the next week or so, teachers are getting ready for their return for INSET days tomorrow. I actually can’t believe that schools will reopen and it’s been nearly half a year since most children were in schools.

I wonder how the teachers are feeling this evening? A mixture of excitement and anxiety perhaps? Or just worried for their own families and what it will be like this academic year?

How are the children feeling? In our house there is a feeling of excited nervousness. I think the boys are desperate to get back to normal and to see their friends. They have also voiced concerns about work and how hard it is going to be as they have missed so much. How are your children feeling? Have a chat with them, listen to their concerns, help them to name the feelings that they have. Most of all accept their feelings as valid!

How are the parents and carers feeling? I am very excited, not only do my boys get to go back to school but I am returning to Play Therapy in the next couple of weeks. I am scared about what this term will hold but somehow having survived all those months of home school and losing out on working, doing what I absolutely love, I feel that I have more resilience to face whatever is thrown at me. I think we all do. What do you think?

I have taken all the steps I can to ensure my work will be as safe as it can be, I will be using separate kits for different schools and children and cleaning everything thoroughly. I have risk assessments and policies in place. I am so excited to be returning to work and hope I can make a real difference. I am going to be working at Sunrise Wellbeing Centre in Anstey as an Associate. I will be offering private Play Therapy sessions and Attachment work. I will also be continuing to work in schools.

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