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Training and going out of my comfort zone!

It's been a while, so what have Little Oak Play Therapy been up to? My small business has really grown in the last year. Since I returned to work in September 2020 following the Covid-19 lock down, I have really been stepping out of my comfort zone.

As well as continuing work in schools, I started to work more with private clients, becoming an associate of Sunrise Wellbeing. I work there one day a week seeing children for Play Therapy and also working really closely to support parents and carers. Within this work I have found something I love and works so well, being able to work with and advise families, not just the child.

This work has led me to take on more training, I have carried out resilience training within 3 schools, really looking in depth at what resilience is, what can hamper it and what can harness it. I have also carried out training on resilience with parents and carers.

This is where I started stepping out of comfort and really pushing myself, I have never felt comfortable standing in front of adults, probably why I work with children! However, when I open my mouth I seem to have some knowledge and confidence that appears out of nowhere!

Following this I have gone to to lead several training sessions on play, the importance of play and how to introduce some therapeutic play into children's lives. I've led this training within the Home Start South Leicestershire team, practitioners and volunteers. I have also been into schools to talk.

Alongside Nicola, a reflexologist from Refoxology, we have been running well-being sessions for schools and other workplaces. The session includes self care using reflexology techniques.

The latest session we ran for the Centre for Fun and Families has had brilliant feedback:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop...reflected on how to manage stress and what small changes we can make to help improve our wellbeing."

"Thank you for sharing these techniques, it's such a great skill to have to help manage stress."

I still get incredibly nervous and don't believe anything good will come out of my mouth when I stand up in front of a room of adults. However by stepping out of my comfort zone and doing new things I am expanding my business, developing my own skills and sharing my knowledge and experience with others. That can't be a bad thing can it?

How have you stepped out of your comfort zone?

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