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And so it begins...

After a quiet weekend of social isolation it felt really weird to set the alarm last night and to wake up without any schools to go to, for me or for the boys. But it was really good knowing we had set the rule to be dressed and ready for the day by 9am. It may not work in everyone’s house but for us, I think we all benefitted from that this strange morning.

So how has the morning gone so far? The boys have completed some online learning and a few worksheets sent home from school and some that I printed off. I’ve sort of helped them when they needed it but tried to leave them to it.

My suggestion today is to break the day into small chunks as I have found this helps us all know what we are doing and to keep everyone focused, including me, so I haven’t spent the morning on my phone (well not the whole morning!!).

I have set a timer on my phone for every half an hour or hour. When the timer goes off the boys do something else.

This is what it has looked like this morning.

9-10- online learning for F, Maths sheets for T.

10-10.30- play outside and fruit.

10.30-11.30- online learning for T, Maths sheets for F.

11.30-12- colouring and reading.

12-1 lunch and free play outside or inside.

The afternoon is much looser, I would like to get the boys to help with some jobs and we are going to get outside for a walk. I'll let you know how it goes! I've promised free time from 3-5 so then I can get some work done and the boys can have their screentime.

Hope that helps, let me know what you think.


Clare x

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