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Another week of home learning...but what about the holidays?

How is it going? Have you settled into a strange routine yet? We have definitely got a rhythm to our days and I am feeling very unproductive. The house is a mess, I seem to spend all day doing something but who knows what it actually is? We have slowed down. It’s lovely in some ways. There is no shouting to put shoes on or to rush out the door. The dog is loving everyone being home all the time. In other ways, I feel like I’m not getting anything done.

I had a lot of plans for what we would do with this time and I feel like I have done very little. I spend the morning with the boys, doing some sort of home learning, trying to persuade them to do writing as well as Maths. The afternoons are still very fluid, we might go for a walk, we might do some drawing or we might just play or watch TV. I know I am so lucky to have this time with the boys and not to be working, but I am missing working a lot. I am also very aware that it must be very difficult to be working full time whilst caring for your children. I’ve decided to give myself a break and just go with this, I won’t get much done but there’s always tomorrow isn’t there?

I am dreading next week; it’s our Easter holidays. The boys’ school isn’t setting any work, which is fine. I was thinking I would carry on with school stuff but maybe I won’t. Maybe a change in our routine will be good for 2 weeks, or will we go crazy?

I was chatting to my friends on Whatsapp, something I spend a lot of my day doing- thank goodness for my friends and smart phones! We came up with a list of ideas to do over the holidays. I thought I would get my blank and miserable looking calendar with all our plans crossed off and fill it in with a different activity every day. Just a short activity but something we can do to keep us busy and focused.

So here is my list. What do you think? I don’t know if it’s a good idea or a rubbish one, but at the moment it makes me feel bit more positive about next week.

Monday- Easter cards

Tuesday- Letters to the family

Wednesday- Salt dough/playdough/clay/fimo Easter eggs or chicks

Thursday-Paint Easter egg pictures to put in the windows

Friday-Rice Krispy nest cakes

Saturday- Boiled egg decorating

Sunday-EASTER DAY- Egg hunt,

Monday- Decorate t shirts with sharpies or fabric pens

Tuesday-Mini beast hunt and draw them

Wednesday- Lego challenge

Thursday-Graffiti outside-chalk

Friday- Sock puppets

Saturday-Bike ride

Sunday- Film day before home learning restarts tomorrow!

Now my children aren’t that keen on crafts and I am aware this is craft heavy. Please comment if you have any great ideas and I will adapt this list! Let me know if it helps or if you have any great ideas for the holidays.

Take care


Clare x

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